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New York Flyers

Open to individuals of all athletic abilities and experience levels

Runs and Events

Who We Are

We take pride in our "small club feel."

The New York Flyers was founded in 1989, with the goal of establishing a running club open to individuals of all athletic abilities and experience levels. We are one of the oldest and largest clubs in New York City, but take pride in our "small club feel." Members train together, cheer each other on at races, and socialize! We have competitive age-group runners, first-time runners, triathletes, and runners looking to maintain fitness or improve on a PR!

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Latest News

With Covid restrictions easing we look forward to seeing you soon. Here's the latest on New York Flyers runs, events, and programs:

  • The date for the next Debs' Book Club has been changed to Wednesday May 19th, at 7pm. You can sign up or see more information Here.
  • In-Person Spring 2021 SpeedPass is now sold out, however you can add your name to the waiting list Here.
  • Virtual Spring 2021 SpeedPass will stay open until May 17th! You can sign-up for the virtual option, Here. Check out our new Training page for details.
  • The 2021 Summer/Fall Season of MTP will run from July 5th through November 7th. We will continue to update information Here.

(We hope you are enjoying our new website. It is a work in progress. Thank you for bearing with us as our volunteers bring it up to speed.)


Long Runs and Events

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Weekly Runs

Our Weekly Runs are open to members and non-members. While advance registration is no longer required for weekly runs, all attendees are expected to adhere to the guidelines detailed on each run's page.

Special thanks to all our group run leaders, Francine Alfandary, Jon Riecke, Ed Altman, David Gaines, Beth Brennan, Debbie Panek & Diana Strauss - who have been there for the team through through thick and thin during a more than challenging year.


Recent Posts

Love to write race recaps, blog posts, news flashes? We need you to help fill this space with awesome content. Let us know! 


Recent Photos

As events resume, so will our collection of "new" photos. In the meantime, send some of yours to